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Ghee Cake31
Ghee cake

Most of them from South India must have heard about Cochin Bakery. They have a cake known as Ghee cake. As the name sugg

Butter Cake - Simply Delicious!!403
Butter cake - simply delicious!!

A post too soon eh? Considering that I've been taking my sweet time to post recipes since we welcomed 2012? Well, I've


Stir dodol in the microwave at 3 minutes interval, stirring vigorously at every intervalCook and stir, until dodol is s

Donna's Best Ever Fudge Brownies2
Donna's best ever fudge brownies

My Fudge Brownies Some of you might remember that I'm a brownie lover. There's a battle royale between brownies and ch

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Dhingri matar |mushrooms in almond curry

Dhingri matar…Dhingri matar… ha ha. You know if you repeat a word too many times, it starts sounding funny but you have

Mutton Khicda/Haleem with Coconut Milk1
Mutton khicda/haleem with coconut milk

Khicda /Haleem is a tasty dish prepared by Muslims ,it involves lots of planning and preparation and a longer time to c

SPICY & SWEET – Strawberry & Jalapeño Jam . .  over cream cheese1
Spicy & sweet – strawberry & jalapeño jam . . over cream cheese

According to the jar of Strawberry & Jalapeño Jam that was a wedding favor, “Love is sweet & spicy!” And, so is this jam

Tiramisu Cheesecake4
Tiramisu cheesecake

Espresso syrup: (or you can use Torani syrups) 4 teaspoons dried instant coffee or espresso 1/3 cup water 1/4 cup sugar

The Dessert For Getting Your Cooking Legs Back. Ricotta Pudding117
The dessert for getting your cooking legs back. ricotta pudding

     For the last two weeks, I haven't really been doing any cooking. This is unusual for me as cooking is something I l

Chili Mac1
Chili mac

Brutus: What’s for supper? Me: Chili Mac. Brutus: What’s that? Me: It’s like chili and macaroni & cheese mixed togeth

Chocolate cake with salted caramel buttercream - and a blog birthday4
Chocolate cake with salted caramel buttercream - and a blog birthday

This is a big day for Supergolden Bakes because the blog turns the ripe old age of ONE.  When I started this whole adve

Bruschetta Crescent Pinwheels - Recipe2
Bruschetta crescent pinwheels - recipe

Way back in July or August I ran across a recipe for pimento cheese pinwheels made with crescent rolls and homemade pime

Creamed corn ala flemings

Hubby took me to my new favorite restaurant for my birthday - Fleming's Prime Steakhouse. While they are a bit pricey,

Raw Celeriac Salad with Walnuts and Dill2
Raw celeriac salad with walnuts and dill

I know I have a similar recipe which I shared long time ago but this one is slightly different and the photo is better t

Vegan Fish with Orange Sauce2
Vegan fish with orange sauce

Since this has been one of my most popular recipes, I’d like to re-post it with a new photo. Enjoy peoples… Vegan Fish

Savoury Bulgur Pilaf with Banana Chilli (Meyhane Pilavı)2
Savoury bulgur pilaf with banana chilli (meyhane pilavı)

I can’t even begin to tell you how delicious this pilaf is and I am kicking myself for not trying it out before. I must

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