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Blueberry Bread with Lemon Glaze {sweet treat tuesday}10
Blueberry bread with lemon glaze {sweet treat tuesday}
My husband has declared this the best thing I have ever made, ever. I mean, those are some pretty strong words. I mad
Chicken Sandwich1
Chicken sandwich
I made this easy sandwich with some leftover grilled chicken last week. Quite effortless and filling at the same time. O
Teriyaki Chicken1
Teriyaki chicken
Tried and True. An old favorite. Never fails. These are some of the descriptions that make recipes worth trying and to c
Chewy Carrot Toffee Blondies7
Chewy carrot toffee blondies
I am a carrot cake snob, put a good piece in front of me and I will savor every bite; unfortunately it isn’t too often t
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Curry Powder1
Curry powder
I decided to share my first recipe post on this blog again, particularly for the Fiesta Friday group. Curry powder blend
Tandoori Tilapia - Ummmm....10
Tandoori tilapia - ummmm....
My Whole Headless Tilapia from Jungle Jim'sI had introduced my Malaysian friend Kate in my last post. And my today's pos
No-Bake Desserts: Chilled Peanut Butter Pie Recipe2
No-bake desserts: chilled peanut butter pie recipe
This no-nonsense peanut butter pie recipe is perfect for celebrations and for when you deserve a sweet treat. My nana u
Nothing like a challenge......English Muffins1
Nothing like a challenge......english muffins
My goal is to try and make as much food that you can buy at a supermarket myself. Of course, that can't be everything
Blackened Tilapia with Secret Spices1
Blackened tilapia with secret spices
I make my own seasoning for My Blackened Tilapia and it's much better than any store bought and I save $Money$, this is
Nutella Banana Oat Muffins27
Nutella banana oat muffins
August 25, 2014 by: Chef in Training 0 There is something about the Nutella and Banana combo that makes my heart sing.
Homemade Cannoli13
Homemade cannoli
A chocolate chip cannoli could be one of the easiest Italian desserts you'll ever make. Well, as long as you forget a
Chicken Chaap ( Chicken in a rich-aromatic gravy)18
Chicken chaap ( chicken in a rich-aromatic gravy)
Today I am going to share again a recipe of chicken preparation called "Chicken Chanp or Chaap". Let me first say thanks
BBQ Chicken French Bread Pizza7
Bbq chicken french bread pizza
While I enjoy making new recipes and meals that involve different methods and procedures, some that are labor intesive
Chicken Munchurian - Restaurant style - Step by step5
Chicken munchurian - restaurant style - step by step
Chicken munchurian is a very famous Chinese dish, where chicken is fried and dumped into a spicy sauce. Adding chicken b
Chilli Chicken5
Chilli chicken
Ingredients:Chicken (Boneless)                                 500 gmOnions                                             
Chicken & Quinoa Casserole5
Chicken & quinoa casserole
I am not a person who makes casserole on a regular basis, but I do so when I want a change of pace in winter months. It
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