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Easy Shrimp Pasta2
Easy shrimp pasta
This is one of the few recipes that I can make from memory. I generally don't have that much confidence that I will rem
S’mores Cake Balls13
S’mores cake balls
S’mores Cake Balls October 27, 2014 by Caty A few days ago I was trying really hard to come up with a dessert I had
Poondu/Garlic Murukku2
Poondu/garlic murukku
This is a very flavorful murukku which is my kiddo's favorite and whenever I ask him for any snack his reply will be mur
Mutton Kothu Kari Masala II / Mutton Kheema Masala4
Mutton kothu kari masala ii / mutton kheema masala
 Finally, am so happy to have find this new place fresh meats nearby my home and my search for a good place with good
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Buffalo Chicken Livers with a Blue Cheese Dipping Sauce Recipe.3
Buffalo chicken livers with a blue cheese dipping sauce recipe.
Delicious and tasty dishes made from chicken. Buffalo Chicken Livers with a Blue Cheese Dipping Sauce Recipe. A fun new
Bacon Wrapped Turkey Tenderloins with Port Sauce1
Bacon wrapped turkey tenderloins with port sauce
Lay out the bacon flat on a hotel pan and season with coarsely cracked pepper. Turn bacon over and repeat.
Porcupine Meatballs W/ Rice-a-roni2
Porcupine meatballs w/ rice-a-roni
Mix ground beef with egg and rice-a-roni, reserving seasoning packet. Shape into balls. Brown in frying pan, on all si
Loaded Potato Soup1
Loaded potato soup
Loaded Potato Soup 1 package (12 oz) bacon 1 1/2 cups chopped onion 6 cups Progresso® chicken broth 2 lb baking pota
Flour Hallva (Albanian Name: Hallvë)1
Flour hallva (albanian name: hallvë)
Heat the margarine in a saucepan very gently, and Sauté the flour until golden brown in the margarine for 40 minutes ove
Biscuits! Biscuits! Biscuits!3
Biscuits! biscuits! biscuits!
Once a month, my bread baking column on Serious Eats turns into Knead the Book where I hake five recipes from a bread-
Nutella Banana Oat Muffins29
Nutella banana oat muffins
August 25, 2014 by: Chef in Training 0 There is something about the Nutella and Banana combo that makes my heart sing.
Spotted Dick1
Spotted dick
Preheat your oven to 425 degrees F (220 degrees C).In a large mixing bowl sift in the flour and bread soda, add the salt
Creamy Lemon Basil Potato Salad1
Creamy lemon basil potato salad
Potato salad, while certainly a picnic and barbecue staple, has never been a favorite of mine. In fact, I can't think o
Healthier chocolate waffles / Čokoladni vaflji3
Healthier chocolate waffles / čokoladni vaflji
I can’t wait any longer! Despite the fact that I still have no furniture, I made ​​a tower of speakers, so I can place  
Napa Chicken5
Napa chicken
Napa Chicken: Boneless chicken breasts, sitting atop a bed of crispy potatoes, all topped with parmesan cheese, onions,
Another bread machine recipe - soft whole wheat1
Another bread machine recipe - soft whole wheat
This is a soft, fluffy whole wheat bread, well-suited for sandwiches, and just as good as toast. As usual, add the in
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