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Homemade Dinner Rolls (Yeast Rolls)30
Homemade dinner rolls (yeast rolls)

These are just about the best dinner rolls you will ever have! Soft and light and fluffy and they rise so nicely. Easy t

Dinner Rolls15
Dinner rolls

What is better than homemade rolls and bread? Nothing. So I decided to make some for dinner tonight. I started getting a

Fluffy Soft Dinner Rolls10
Fluffy soft dinner rolls

Deliciously soft and fluffy dinner rolls. Very easy, and what little effort there is is totally worth it. They're also s

Fluffy Soft Dinner Rolls4
Fluffy soft dinner rolls

Fluffy Soft Dinner Rolls Yield: 24-30 rolls Ingredients 1 package active dry yeast 1 cup warm water

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Crispy Coconut Chicken30
Crispy coconut chicken

August 15, 2014 by: Chef in Training 0 Sometimes meat can taste savory and sometimes it can be on the sweeter side. Thi

Biriyani Kathirikkai - Muslim's Style / Brinjal in tangy gravy - Best accompaniment for biriyani63
Biriyani kathirikkai - muslim's style / brinjal in tangy gravy - best accompaniment for biriyani

                 Muslim biriyani are very much adored by all. Their style in preparing biriyanis are awsome.They serve t

Pasta Portofino2
Pasta portofino

In a large frying pan, cook mushrooms and onions in oil over medium heat for 5 minutes. Add the shrimp and cook until i

Healthy Recipe: Bulgarian Moussaka1
Healthy recipe: bulgarian moussaka

Traditionally a simple and very straightforward dish, this healthy twist Moussaka brings in some new ingredients for a f

Make Your Thanksgiving Travel Easier1
Make your thanksgiving travel easier

This Thanksgiving, American airports are going to be packed. This isn’t unusual – the Thanksgiving holiday is the busies

Don’t Eat That! Tips To Avoid Food Poisoning While Traveling1
Don’t eat that! tips to avoid food poisoning while traveling

Nothing can cause a vacation or business trip to come to a screeching halt quite like food poisoning. Eating or drinking

Healthy Recipe: Czech Szriskes1
Healthy recipe: czech szriskes

This Czech version of chicken schnitzel is a traditional meal usually served at dinnertime. Normally fried in oil, this

Protein Pancakes1
Protein pancakes

Happy Friday!  Do you know it is Friday?  I can’t really tell what day of the week it is with the holidays falling on a

Besan Gud Laddu / Besan Jaggery Ladoo (Kadalai Maavu Ladoo) - No Ghee & Sugar Sweets1
Besan gud laddu / besan jaggery ladoo (kadalai maavu ladoo) - no ghee & sugar sweets

Besan Gud Laddu / Besan Jaggery Ladoo (Kadalai Maavu Ladoo) - Diwali Sweets Besan Jaggery Ladoo (Kadalai Maavu Ladoo),

Homemade Dinner Rolls3
Homemade dinner rolls

This is probably one of the most embarrassing recipes I am going to share. Why? Because the night I made these fluffy, s

Slow Cooker Turkey with Stuffing4
Slow cooker turkey with stuffing

I love turkey with stuffing, but I never seem to have the time to cook a full blown turkey dinner on a regular work nigh

Lemak Cili Padi Daging Dengan Rebung2
Lemak cili padi daging dengan rebung

MY RAMBLINGS *Timidly stepping in....* Assalamualaikum. I come in peace! Hihihihi.... I know that I have not been upd

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