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Homemade Dinner Rolls (Yeast Rolls)30
Homemade dinner rolls (yeast rolls)

These are just about the best dinner rolls you will ever have! Soft and light and fluffy and they rise so nicely. Easy t

Besan Gud Laddu / Besan Jaggery Ladoo (Kadalai Maavu Ladoo) - No Ghee & Sugar Sweets1
Besan gud laddu / besan jaggery ladoo (kadalai maavu ladoo) - no ghee & sugar sweets

Besan Gud Laddu / Besan Jaggery Ladoo (Kadalai Maavu Ladoo) - Diwali Sweets Besan Jaggery Ladoo (Kadalai Maavu Ladoo),

Fluffy Soft Dinner Rolls11
Fluffy soft dinner rolls

Deliciously soft and fluffy dinner rolls. Very easy, and what little effort there is is totally worth it. They're also s

Homemade Dinner Rolls3
Homemade dinner rolls

This is probably one of the most embarrassing recipes I am going to share. Why? Because the night I made these fluffy, s

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Slow Cooker Turkey with Stuffing4
Slow cooker turkey with stuffing

I love turkey with stuffing, but I never seem to have the time to cook a full blown turkey dinner on a regular work nigh

Lemak Cili Padi Daging Dengan Rebung2
Lemak cili padi daging dengan rebung

MY RAMBLINGS *Timidly stepping in....* Assalamualaikum. I come in peace! Hihihihi.... I know that I have not been upd

Piri-Piri Chicken3
Piri-piri chicken

For glaze: Melt butter in small saucepan over medium-high heat. Add cilantro and garlic; cook until garlic begins to br

Apple Crostata1
Apple crostata

You will love this dessert that looks fancy, yet is simple and easy to make. The best part is that it is only 4 poin

Chicago Public School Cafeteria Butter Cookies8
Chicago public school cafeteria butter cookies

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Cream butter and sugar until fluffy. Mix in vanilla extract. Mix in flour gradually. Us

Paper-lined Cup Sponge Cake14
Paper-lined cup sponge cake

To achieve a good sponge cake, the name of these sponge cake is self-explanatory, the cups used for baking, have to be l

Spiku/Kue Lapis Surabaya6
Spiku/kue lapis surabaya

This is a three layers cake and to obtain perfect flat surface cake is sometimes quite an impossible task. Most of the t

Dinner Rolls15
Dinner rolls

What is better than homemade rolls and bread? Nothing. So I decided to make some for dinner tonight. I started getting a


No es un arroz cualquiera. Un arroz que mis amigos italianos quizá llamarían rissotto pero que mis amigos argentinos lo

One of America's Favorite - Fried Chicken6
One of america's favorite - fried chicken

Fried chicken (also referred to as Southern fried chicken) is a dish consisting of chicken pieces usually from broiler c

Seafood Risotto4
Seafood risotto

Seafood Risotto September 27, 2013 The inspiration for making this dish (as always) is that we recently visite

Seafood Curry Chowder/Fruits de mer au curry Chowder3
Seafood curry chowder/fruits de mer au curry chowder

Assemble these UtensilsFood processor or blenderLarge heavy-gauge saucepan with coverMedium-size bowlPlateSalad spinner

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