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Zucchini, Eggplant, Garlic & Parmesan Linguine Pasta2
Zucchini, eggplant, garlic & parmesan linguine pasta
- R Some days you just open your fridge and realize that well... there's nothing in there. Don't stress though! Just o
Tunisian Beef & Green Olive Stew, "Mar9et Zitoun"2
Tunisian beef & green olive stew, "mar9et zitoun"
- R A couple of nights ago I was chatting with my parents on the phone, and as usual I had asked what they were havi
Tunisian Grilled Pepper Salad, "Slata mechouia"2
Tunisian grilled pepper salad, "slata mechouia"
- R Here's an original very tasty salad recipe for you! A typical Tunisian salad that can, depending on your taste bud
Tunisian Tomato, Vegetable & Orzo Soup, "Chorbet Lsen 3asfour"2
Tunisian tomato, vegetable & orzo soup, "chorbet lsen 3asfour"
- R Though I do love soups.. having to have soup during what should now be summer is quite confusing right? Well tur
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Lettuce, Cucumber & Tomato Salad2
Lettuce, cucumber & tomato salad
- R As I've mentionned before, I love my salads, and when I'm not making a huge salad for a full meal, I still alway
Parsley Tomato & Red Onion Salad2
Parsley tomato & red onion salad
- R Here's to adding more freshness in our lives! As an avid salad eater, just like my late grandma, I always mix and
EASY John Wayne Casserole #Recipe1
Easy john wayne casserole #recipe
John Wayne was my grandfather’s favorite actor. I remember Sunday’s with him, watching Westerns followed by boxing. The
Inside-Out Carrot Cake Cookies1
Inside-out carrot cake cookies
I can’t help but smile when I think of this recipe. When my husband was in the Navy, I often volunteered to cook for ou
Tunisian Green Pea & Artichoke Stew, "Jelbana"1
Tunisian green pea & artichoke stew, "jelbana"
- R This is one of my hubby's (many) favorite healthy Tunisian dishes. Jelbana is made with green peas, artichokes, pot
My Version of a Palestinian Rice with Vegetables & Ground Beef, "Ma9louba"1
My version of a palestinian rice with vegetables & ground beef, "ma9louba"
- R This rice dish is absolutely exquisite, and quite easy and fun to make! My mom discovered this dish several year
Codfish fillet & Tunisian Chakchouka1
Codfish fillet & tunisian chakchouka
- R Here we have a lovely healthy white fish recipe with Tunisian spices that give the dish an exotic twist. Now you c
Nutritious Lentil Salad1
Nutritious lentil salad
- R I absolutely adore lentils (and salads as you'll probably figure out on your own), so it's just absolutely natural
Jacket Potatoes1
Jacket potatoes
- C Jacket Potatoes always remind me of the times I spent with my Grandparents in the UK. We would always have at l
Bundled Sausages1
Bundled sausages
- R This is a fun, quick and easy recipe I like to serve as an appetizer when hubby and I have friends over to watch a
Spiced Ground Beef Pizza1
Spiced ground beef pizza
- R This is a Lebanese inspired appetizer that hubby and I really enjoy having with a salad or a bowl of soup when we'
Oven Roasted Chicken1
Oven roasted chicken
- C On a sunday lunch with friends or family nothing is more welcoming than making a roasted chicken. This
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