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Yema cake

It has been four years since I've started this blog and it has been a wonderful journey. I thank everyone who often come

Mely's Kitchen Lasagna3
Mely's kitchen lasagna

  It was fun when I made this lasagna. forgive me that I have not posted yet on how to make the long lasagna sheet. It'

Lady Baltimore Cake2
Lady baltimore cake

I am excited to share this lovely cake with you. I found this recipe from Sing For Your Supper awhile ago and I have be

Hungarian Sausages4
Hungarian sausages

The air smells of holidays, at last the barbecue season is officially open, because the weather is so pleasant and warm

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Sausage/Cheese Bread Roll3
Sausage/cheese bread roll

Pin It  This sounds like my kind of breakfast. Meaty, spicy, covered with bread. yep, it's me :)Sausage/Cheese

Sausage Salad Pasta Recipe : Making pasta salad ; Salad for parties | chicken recipes2
Sausage salad pasta recipe : making pasta salad ; salad for parties | chicken recipes

Happy Week end Guys, hope everyone is busy with their family, cooking and just having fun. Do enjoy your lovely meal al

Cabbage Kimchi calling2
Cabbage kimchi calling

I’ve been rather intrigued to make kimchi for quite sometime now so when my brother’s ladylove suggested a trip to Korea

Mini Sausage Meatball Minestra2
Mini sausage meatball minestra

I've really got to say that I'm so happy to have gotten Rachael Ray's new Look & Cook cookbook. This is the 3rd recipe I

Sausage Pull Apart Pizza Bread2
Sausage pull apart pizza bread

I was jazzed to finally make this bread. I swear, out of all the recipes that I have been dying to make, this is No.1 on

Sausage sandwich4
Sausage sandwich

Sandwiches are good for a breakfast………………..and this is made with sausage and vegetables…….we sometimes have sandwiches f

Chicken Sausage Pasta1
Chicken sausage pasta

OK, so we buy stuff from Costco. And well, you get A LOT of whatever you buy. Soooo, sometimes I try to come up with dif

Sausage, Tomato & Arugula "Zoodles"2
Sausage, tomato & arugula "zoodles"

We love zucchini noodles around here, and I find my kids love them even more if I call them "zoodles." The little shavin

Super Fast Monday!1
Super fast monday!

Who doesn't love the classic comfort food of the Chicken Salad Sandwhich?? It always looks so good, but oh so dangerou

EASY Smokey Pulled Chicken Sandwich4
Easy smokey pulled chicken sandwich

This my dear readers is my easy lunch idea of the week. As I have said before; Taylor works now every night from 4p

We’re on a Mexican tirado, Quesadilla’s with spicy green sauce1
We’re on a mexican tirado, quesadilla’s with spicy green sauce

We had slow cooked roast Moroccan chicken last night for dinner, which meant stacks of leftovers. Of course all the pota

BBQ Shredded Chicken Sandwhich1
Bbq shredded chicken sandwhich

This is a super easy recipe. Some of the ingredients are a little weird for a typical BBQ, but I'll tell you what....THE

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