Beef clod recipes

Barbecue Heart of Shoulder Roast

Barbecue Heart of Shoulder Roast

My friends at US Wellness Meats recently sent me a cut of beef I’d never seen before. The heart of shoulder roast, sometimes called the heart of clod or cross-rib roast, is a center cut roast taken from the shoulder, similar to chuck roast

BBQ Beef Shoulder Clod

Thoroughly Jaccard both sides of clod. Slice and/or Pull clod. 16 -20 lbs beef, clod. Trim fat cap to 1/4” or less

French Onion Soup As I Like It!

When boils add the rest of the water (you can replace water with beef stock if you like). Add cold water slowly constantly stirring to avoid clods

Tremont Tavern Revisit-June 20, 2013

The caveat, though, was the fact that since our most recent visit was before Tremont started grinding and patting their own beef, we hadn’t really had a burger from their, at least not the burgers that they are serving now

Wicker's Sloshing Sauce

Can be used as a marinade for beef briskets or shoulder clods or it can be used on the table as a"sloshing sauce" for chopped or pulled pork

Household Hints

Use beer instead of water or stock to make a great tasting beef stew. You can keep the yokes from crumbing while slicing hard boiled eggs if you keep dipping your knife in clod water

Steak Azteca

To make Marinated Beef. Combine all ingredients, except beef medallions, in large non-reactive container